We believe in creating authentic brands that make you feel something, in content creation that tells your story, and most of all in creating a streamline way to extend your brand throughout everything that you do. It is the firs thing that we do because it lays the foundation for everything we do.

Web Design

After we have a solid brand, we move forward in designing your web presence. We discuss what you want to accomplish,  user experience and layout. Then we create something you love and want to share with the world.

Photography + Video

We love to tell stories through imagery and frankly you can’t get by without it these days. We make sure our media matches your brand vibe look and  feel so that everything on your website, instagram feeds, and ads look like they are all telling the same story. This helps us create trust and brand recognition in a beautiful way.


To us this is the most important part. It is what gets you seen, heard and keeps you in business. Without this, nothing else that we do matters.  If we are going to spend enormous amounts of energy and put all of our love into branding and beautiful website with epic photos but no one ever sees you than we aren’t doing our job right.

ADA Compliant

We make sure your site is compliant with all new ADA laws so you don’t have to. Already have a site and a brand? No problem, we consult and work with other design agencies to get their websites compliant too!

Carmen Tausend-Curtis you, my friend are a true expert. Your passion and wisdom for your craft is unparalleled. I am utterly blown away by the amount of information, inspiration and creative prowess I walked away from the AIReal Yoga™ Teacher Training with.
-Amy L.

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create! I feel so honored to learn from a true goddess! Thank you Carmen for sharing light! xo
-Devine Will

Carmen Puts full heart and soul into her teaching and created a program I feel very proud to be a part of.
-Sohnya J.

Do You Know What Else $20 Buys?
On average, 1 YOGA CLASS!
That’s right, for the price of a yoga class, you receive all this!


YES! I’m Ready to Soar!
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